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20年來香港最凍的10月,對超級怕熱的我來說當然開心,今天溫度只得15度,絲巾、絨帽、西裝外套等急不及待齊齊出動,下襯今季大熱的野豹loose-cut pants與vintage的手袋和方踭皮鞋,有一點英式的street style味道,自己超鍾意!


photo by Sing Ho
hat: Lowry Farms
jacket: Zara
pants: boutique
scarf/bag: vintage (Beyond Retro,London)
booties: vintage (Absolute Vintage)


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  1. summerchanchan

    hi, anchor, I follow your blog everyday, I like your style very much and you are so stylish, can I know which season is your zara blazer? thanks

  2. anchorlai

    Dear summerchanchan,I bought this Zara jacket in Spain in the summer just past, they were on sale so I’m not sure which season was it, also that was the last piece, I don’t think it’s from S/S 2010.
    Thank you for supporting my blog everyday, that’s a very sweet message. : )

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