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人話我浮誇,我不會否認,著o向我身上,我想點就點,Space Age 60s、Hippies 70s、Golden 80s、Minimalism 90s,Grunge、Rock、Glam、Vintage、Boy-friend style無任歡迎,唯一敬而遠之的只有賣弄可愛的Kawaii。鍾意買衫,買得最多是vintage和白色衫,試過o向紐約21 Century一次過買27個items,屋企最少有80件白色tank top和白tee,但一見到靚仍然忍不住再買。

anchorlai,Paris fashion week 2008(September 2007)


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  1. Gean Chow

    Glad to read your article on website. buying every single issuess of More. love to read your article and love your style.

  2. Mi

    Hi Anchor,

    just want to say your style rocks! my sister Susan and i love it so much and i just wonder where did you get the skirt(first pic) from?

    look forward for your next issue

  3. anchorlai

    I bought it in Harvey Nichols, let me check the brand for you when/if i find it, im not sure where it is now!!!

  4. bobo

    hi 你好丫…你d相好靚….不好意思我想問下你著住果o對好似Converse對黑鞋係邊到可以買到喜歡到不得了….><太靚啦 thx

  5. anchorlai

    ha.ha..i like it very much too, its the brand: Ash, i got it almost 2 years, i think they have no more stock, you can go to Seibu, they got 1 metallic silver, around $2000. ^ ^

  6. anchorlai

    Hi bobo, Noted that there have 3 color in black,purple and green of Ash sneakers in Lane Crawford, $1,450. TST,IFC,Pacific Place 3388. ^ ^

  7. Jessica chan

    Hi, 我記得你之前有編報導係關於泰國 去d咩地方買accessories(clothes and some jewels), 因為我12月會去,可以俾d information 我嗎?

    thank you very much
    [email protected]

  8. louise graffenberg

    hello anchor!i just want to say that i really like your style and your natural elegance. all your pictures are so beautiful and i always check your blog.
    regards and i hope you have had a nice christmas.



  9. Cheryl

    Hi Anchor,我好中意你ge style呀…好有personality!
    我平時都會特登留意more入面有你ge corner架…
    thank you so much n wish u hv a nice day:)

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